Free Fire / Free Fire MAX Glitch Config File New Update (Emote, Bundle, Gun Skin)

Free Fire Glitch Config File New Update: If you play Free Fire a lot, then you would like to have all the Gun Skins and Bundles, so if you want, I will tell you that Free Fire Glitch Config File New Update (Emote , Bundle, Gun Skin) or all glitch Config File then you will know everything after reading this article completely.

We all know that there are n numbers of guns available in these games and most of the guns are paid for, which means we will have to purchase them first before using them. It’s a little sad for the fans of the Free Fire game. We all want to use those guns too, we all want to gain some experience of using that gaming gun but those are paid ones and most of us can not afford so much money to purchase those guns because they are costlier too.

Free Fire MAX Glitch Config File New Update

But you don’t need to worry about it because that’s why I am here, to help you. No, Not financially!! But I have something interesting so that we can use those guns for free. Yes!! It’s free!! Now today I will tell you about the Free Fire glitch config file (emote, bundle, gun skin) and for this, you have to do only one thing, read this article till the end.

Do You Know About Free Fire

Hello friends, Is your gaming mode on? Are you enjoying it? I know you are all a fan of the Free Fire game and why not, the levels of this game, graphics, and new guns make these games more interesting and adventurous for all of us. Free Fire is a popular battle royal game published by Garena in 2017.

The game is free to play with micro transactions in the games. Free Fire has a huge collection of cosmetic items from weapon skins, character skins, to emote. They update new skins very frequently and of course, the best good looking items often can only be obtained with real money.

Friends, there are so many events in these games and it all comes with 2000 diamonds. This means we will have to purchase them if we want to use them and for this, you will have to pay 1800Rs/– per event.

So just think about it, Isn’t it costly? But I am here to tell a secret about the free use of it. Now I am going to tell you about the Free fire glitch config file so that by this you can use new things in the game.

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About Free Fire Glitch Config File (Emote, Bundle, Gun Skin)

This is a file that is used to remove the VIP Glitch APK config file from the game. By using this file you can use all the bundles without making any payment, and if you will use this glitch file then you don’t need to spend any single amount on this Free Fire game.

This is a script file made by some other user or we can say a hacker (Don’t worry it’s neither a hacking method nor used will have to hack something so don’t panic). By using this glitch file on a game you will get everything for free, you will be able to unlock all the premium skins and emotes in the game.

However, only you can see the legendary skins and emotes and all the other players will just see you as a normal player. You can either use this as an APK file or as a Zip file.

Free Fire Glitch 2022 APK

This is an android app which is going to patch or inject all the required files for you. But we will not use APK, for this we will use config, qino friends, when you use any apk, the performance of your game slows down due to which your game starts to lag, that’s why we will use config file.

Friends, in today’s time you will get a lot of config or apk but all apk does not work and that thing is not correct, so if you want to get free fire glitch config file then you should read this article carefully. So come and know.

Features Of Free Fire Max Glitch Config File

If we talk about the features of the config file then there are some important features we have to know about it-

  1. All gun skins config: You will get all the rare gun skins.
  2. Ob and after the latest version 20MB update.
  3. Hip Hop package.
  4. Join all the criminals.
  5. Emotes.
  6. Dress.
  7. All equipment.
  8. All rare bundle glitch config: Here, you will get all the bundles like cobra bundles, criminal bundles, sakura bundles for free, and many more.
  9. PUBG Mobile Lite Quick Scope Config

Rare and VIP (Emotes, Dress, Bundles) Config Glitch zip File

It contains only rare and best legendary super expensive emotes for free and many dress combination bundles and old elite pass full bundle with animations for free.

In this you get many types of dress and gun skin but inside this you have to keep in mind that your free fire or free fire max should be updated because this config file supports only in the latest version, so keep this thing in mind because I Have seen this by using it yourself, so if you have to keep this thing in mind, then come and know about its use.

Smooth and Pro vip Config Glitch zip File

If you get free old and rare best items of the game, you will able to play like a pro players and your game runs smoothly on 60 Fps like iphone and no lag or bug will occurs in your game.

Inside this you get a very powerful full config because there is a config in it that you do not heat the phone too much and your phone and game run smoothly, friends, this config file is fully paid, in this you get a lot of benefit, this is just for you. If it is free then you must use it.

Target Headshot Easily With Free Fire Glitch Config File

Gyus do you know in these glitch file you can easily find your aim? If you don’t know than it is also ok because I will tell you. So these config glitch files works on to find out the target or aim. By using these file you can easily find out your target.

When we find the targets with these file than you will get the file code for the headshot and you will get a chance to aim lock the headshot of your targeted enemy. And now you can easily get your headshot. If you use shotguns then you will get each bullets for the headshot.

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Password of Free Fire Glitch Config File

Now you can download the file form the link which I have mentioned in this article. This file will be compatible with Free Fire. Because this file can be used in Android 11 version so that everyone can take the advantages of this game.

free fire config apply process

The installation of this file is also easy and you can easily download it from the mention link (You will find the link in the below topics) but for these application you will need password to open. So you will have to learn it from the application and then use it.   

  • Password: 900

Free Fire / Free Fire MAX Glitch Config File New Update (Emote, Bundle, Gun Skin)

Friends, now let’s talk about how you can use this free fire glitch config file, for this you have to do, I have given information about everything, in this you will not have to do anything, just follow the steps below. After that you will know everything because I have explained each and every step well. Follow these simple 7 steps to download the Free Fire glitch pack-

  1. First, download the Free Fire max VIP glitch pack file and follow step.
  2. Go:

Note: If you want that all the glitches can be downloaded in one click, then for this you have to join my telegram channel and all the links have been given on the same, then you can download from there.

second apply process

  1. Then you need the app name Z archive so you can download from playstore.
  2. After this click on file and tap extract It here and Enter Password.
  3. After this go to the file and copy it.
  4. Copy the com.dts.freefireth and Go to the android folder.
  5. After that go to Android >Data and paste the files there.
  6. Now click on Apply to all and click on replace.

Note: If you want to apply in Free Fire MAX, then for this you have to download the config of Free Fire MAX which will be available from my telegram channel, after that you apply in the same way, you just have to paste it in the file of free fire max.

How You can Create Free Fire VIP glitch Pack?

To create Free Fire Vip glitch you have to download one application and that is “Exa Gear” in your mobile phone. You can use this file to create Free Fire vip glitch pack.

How to Remove Config Glitch File in FF/FF MAX?

If you face any problem with this glitch file or you want to remove this glitch file from your free fire game, then for this you will have to follow the below step, although sometimes you would feel that maybe this config file If you should not use it then you can do this gyus here I will tell you that how can you remove config glitch file in Free Fire-

  1. First go to device settings.
  2. Then find App option in device.
  3. Then you have to open it.
  4. Now, you have to find Garena Free Fire Game.
  5. Then open it, after this you have to find Game Information about data and storage.
  6. Now find clear data option and by doing this half of your work has been done.
  7. Click on clear data option.
  8. Now it’s done, your Free Fire config glitch zip file is removed.

How to download the latest update of the Free Fire Character Config file?

Friends, now I will tell you how can you download the latest update of the Free Fire Character Config file, so it’s also simple and you just have to follow these steps-

  1. Download Character Config file- You have to first download the Character config file.
  2. Now copy the character config file 
  3. After copying it you have to paste it in a specified place. I am telling you the location where you have to paste it,

Location: Internal Storage/Android folder/data// “Paste it here”

   So, you have pasted it… Great now it’s done.

Note: You will get the character’s config file on my website, you can download it from there, just for this you have to search on my website and read that article carefully.

Is Free Fire VIP Glitch safe or not?

Friends, I know you are thinking that if something went wrong then what will we do? Is this right to download it? I know these types of questions are triggering your mind and to be honest you are right.

The questions are right but as I told you I am here to help you so you do not need to worry about this because it is totally safe. There is no ID ban from it because it’s not an illegal activity in the game. After all, it is fair to use. So what are you waiting for? Just download it and enjoy your game. IPC 217 article

Why VIP Glitch Config File is So Popular?

Friends, first of all see when any new event comes in our game, then we need Diamond to spin in that event, only after that we spin, then when you spin, your Diamond keeps decreasing and then You have to top up inside your game.

After this you get Diamond and when you complete the SPIN, after that you get Bundle or Gun Skin, then this thing is found inside it, then this is all the thing which is very beneficial for all of us and you also benefit. So you get many benefits in this.

By the way, it benefits us more than we think because inside it we get all the benefits that we use and in today’s time Free Fire Max VIP Bundle Glitch Config File is very popular.

Something Important-

So, guys, I have told you each and everything about the Free Fire glitch config file. From, what is it? What will you get from it? to how to download it? Now I am going to tell you some important points which you should keep in mind. Guys, if your downloaded config file is not working!!

So, don’t panic… first, take a deep breath and listen to me. There are lots of config file which does end to work after updating and if this is happening with you so just follow this given link and download your new config file-

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In this post, I have given you Free Fire Glitch file steps to download. With complete and easy steps to use it. It’s just like a guide to use it and download in easy steps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will promise I will continuously post such blogs for you all so that you will find your solution. 

Stay connected with me guys, I will post so much new information for you. Give us feedback in the comment section about this post, what do you like the most useful and interesting thing from this post. 

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