BGMI Free UC Hack Config File Download (100% Work)

BGMI Free UC Hack Config File: Friends, ever since there was a BAN in Pubg Mobile India, the interest of the people had decreased, but as soon as the BGMI game came, people have started getting more interest towards this game and people have started getting UC in it. If you want to take, then I will tell you that BGMI Free UC Hack Config File Download new update just you read this article carefully.

Nowadays most user plays BGMI too because of BGMI… BGMI… BGMI… They can’t avoid it, they liked it, and that’s why the number of players of BGMI is increasing day by day. But there is something bad and that is if you want to play the game you will have to purchase UC and guys it is costly.

BGMI Free UC Hack Config File Download

To avoid this problem I am here today, I will tell you how you can download UC Config file and how you can use it? Most important is this file will be free for you because if you want to purchase UC then it will be costly for you and especially in India. So get yourself ready for the game and read this article till the end so that you can learn the use of the Config file and how to download it? 

What is BGMI Full Details?

Hello Guys, How are you? I hope you are doing well. After posting many articles on Free Fire and PUBG games and the Config files. I thought I should share something else on gaming so that my online friends can read the article and learn the new tips and tricks of games. While I was thinking about it, the word BGMI just clicked on my mind then I thought this would be the next topic to share with you all. So I will tell you about BGMI and its uses.

I know you know what is this, but many peoples did not know about BGMI. So BGMI is Battle Grounds Mobile India. In Battle Grounds Mobile India there are many different types of Config files like 90 FPS Config files. Which is used to increase the in-game FPS on any device. BGMI Config file is a piece of code that allows hacks like- wallhack, Aimbot, 90 FPS, high damage, and many more.

Inside this you can apply a lot of config file but I want to tell you that inside it you can also use UC Hack Config file and you will not have any kind of problem because all these config files are anti ban. But there are many such configs, using which the ID is BAN, so this thing has to be taken care of. Friends, by the way BGMI is an Online Gaming. 

What is UC in BGMI India?

Friends, now we’ll see what is UC in BGMI. UC is a coin or you can say a currency that helps you to purchase a premium outfit or gun skins in the game. With the help of this currency, you can purchase anything in the game. BGMI has its store and from there you can purchase all the premium things which will help you in the battleground.

With all of these, you will get a royal pass also from the UC. If you want UC in the game you have to purchase it first with the real money or you can it top-up, and UC in BGMI is very costly and that’s why most of the players can’t afford it to purchase. But you don’t need to worry because today I will tell you, how you can download it for free?

BGMI Free UC Hack Config File Download (100% Work)

Guys, if you are a BGMI player and if you want to improve the gameplay and performance then using a BGMI Config file would be a perfect choice for you. It also offers a plethora of hacks such as Aimbot, wallhack, etc. Now let’s discuss how you can download it. But now you have to use BGMI UC Hack Config File, for this you have to follow the below step, after that you will know everything-

 1  Download BGMI HC Config File

First of all you have to download UC hack Config file, for this the link is given below, you just have to click on it, after that you have to download that file, note that this link is of mediafire which is completely safe then you Download the file from there.

 2  Download Z-archiver App

Now you have to open playstore, after that you have to search by typing z-archiver there, then as soon as you search z-archiver will come in front of you, then you have to download it.

 3  Extract Your BGMI Zip UC Config File

So as you download the z-archiver, after that you have to open it and where you have downloaded the file, you have to go there and extract the zip uc config file.

 4  Copy Your File

So as soon as you extract, after that you will get a file there, then you have to copy it and paste it by going to the location below.

 5  Paste Your Config File

Now as soon as you copy the file, after that you have to copy the file, after that you have to go to the internal storage, after that you have to go to android and then to the data and you have to carefully look at the location below and paste it. .

Location: Android / data / com.pubg.imobile / Files   //*Paste Here

 6  You are Done!

So as soon as you paste the config file, after that you do not have to do anything, you just have to restart your phone once, after that you have to open the game, after that you have to see your account that UC will come in your account. After this, whatever you want to do, you can do it from UC, so this method is very easy which you must use.

So these are the methods for downloading the BGMI UC file.

How to Get UC in BGMI For Free 

Guys, I am telling you the most amazing and important tips which will work for sure. First, we will see how we can hack BGMI UC for free, and for these, I will tell you seven different ways for this. So let’s start-

  1. Participate on YouTube: So with the help of YouTube, you can get a free BGMI. There are so many YouTubers who always give away to their subscribers. So go there and search BGMI UC giveaway.
  2. Ez Cash Application: This is an application and with the help of this you can download BGMI UC Free File. You only need to follow these steps-
  • First, Open Play Store and search Ex Cash.
  • Now download it.
  • After successful installation of this file, now open this app.
  • Now you will see lots of queries so just finish those queries.
  • You can go with the spin option and get some points.
  • After earning sufficient points you can withdraw it.

Now you will think about how you can buy UC with these points so here it is:

Friends, if you want to purchase UC in BGMI, then for this you are told the steps below, you should read and follow it carefully because there are many people who do not want to take UC from config, they want us to purchase UC from Rs. If you do, then the steps have been given below for this, after reading it carefully, you will understand it well.

  • Click on the Redeem option.
  • Now select the BGMI option.
  • Now enter your ID.
  • Now enter the UC.
  • Click on the Redeem again.
  • After this UC will be added to your account.
  • BGMI Aim Lock headshot Config

 1  Paytm: So finally I can tell you “Paytm Karo” to get your UC. For this, you have to take help from Winxo, Google task, Google pay, etc. With these applications, there is the option if refer and earn and with this, you can get your UC. 

Eg: Download the Winzo Gold App from the play store after then you will get some coins. You will have to play games on this app and then you will earn some coins.

 2  How to hack BGMI UC From MOD APK

Friends, now let’s talk about how we can do UC Hack with MOD APK, so for this you have to open the lowest step, after that you have to open your game, you will see that you will see everything automatic, then this method is the best. It is easy and you must use it. Now You will have to hack the BGMI UC. I will tell you how you can do this? Follow these steps-

  • Open Google Chrome: Open your Google Chrome browser and search BGMI MOD APK HACK and download the 1st result.
  • Now Download the BGMI MOD APK HACK application.
  • Now you have to install this APK file.
  • After installation now you have to open this game. You will find that your game has been hacked and you can see the unlimited UC on your game.
  • Now You are done.

 3  BGMI Redeem Code UC Hack

For this, you will have to be very fast because there are so many players who use redeem vouchers. For this redeem code you have to follow these simple steps-

 1st Method:

  • Open your YouTube.
  • Search Today BGMI redeem Code.
  • You will get the 1st video of this.
  • Now you are eligible for the redeemed.

 2nd Method:

  • Open your Google browser and search Today BGMI Redeem Code.
  • Now you will get a website that provides you redeem code.
  • Then use your redeem from that.

 4  Through BGMI Tournament

Now in this method I will tell you how you can get UC by playing BGMI Tournament. If you are a good player or you have a good command of the game so you should play this tournament. There are so many applications in which you will get tournament matches and it will boost your confidence in the battlegrounds.

You can find this type of app on the Google Play Store just by searching the BGMI Tournament app. Play this type of tournament and win real cash and then you will get UC for free.

BGMI AD Videos: Simple way to get UC is, just to watch the ads. You have to watch some ads from the PUBG or PUBG lite games and you will get 5 UC daily. Maximum 3 videos you will have to watch to get 5 UC so isn’t it good?

Features of Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI):

Friends, now let’s talk about what you are going to get by downloading and applying BGMI UC Config File, so I want to tell you that you are going to get a lot from it, whatever you want, this config file helps you a lot but If you want to hack something else, then I have told you earlier, you can read it, then let’s see about its benefits.

  • Aimbot.
  • Magic Bullets.
  • 90 FPS.
  • Speed Hack.
  • Auto Headshot.
  • Wall Hack.
  • White Body.
  • How to buy UC in BGMI:
  • Now the most important point is whom you can buy UC in BGMI. So read this point carefully and you will learn how you can use it. There are some steps you should keep on your mind-
  • First login into your BGMI account.
  • Go to your lobby and then you will see the option of UC.
  • Select the UC according to you.
  • Now you have to pay some amount for this.
  • As your payment is approved, you will get UCs.
  • PUBG Mobile Lite No Recoil Config


In this post, I have given you tips about how to download the Free Fire Headshot Aimbot Config File. With complete and easy steps to use it. It’s just like a guide to use it and download in easy steps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will promise I will continuously post such blogs for you all so that you will find your solution.

Stay connected with me guys, I will post so much new information for you. Give us feedback in the comment section about this post, what do you like the most useful and interesting thing from this post. 

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