Free Fire Auto Headshot New Config File (100% Working)

Free Fire Auto Headshot New Config File: In today’s time, most of the small survivors play free fire game and together everyone enjoy this game if you are not able to hit headshot inside it then I will tell you that Free Fire Auto Headshot New Config File (100% Working) New Update Just read this article carefully, after that you will understand everything very well.

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Free Fire Auto Headshot New Config File

But before you start writing I have a fresh new article for you. a fresh new article for you. Yes!! New article, so today we will know about some new config files which will be helpful for you to win the game and beat your enemy in just a few minutes. In my previous article, I had discussed the one-tap headshot config file, and I believe that would be helpful for you that is why I thought to share a new config file with you so that my friends can enjoy the game.

Today’s topic is on Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File. To know more about this file you only need to do one thing and that is to read this article till the end so you can get all the details about this new config file. 

Do You Know About Free Fire

Friends, now let’s talk about free fire, so I want to tell you that free fire is an online gaming platform, it makes your game run smooth and you do not have any kind of problem, friends, there are many players inside it. Those who are pro and some people hack the game and only hit you headshot.

Also, when you play a match by selecting a map in this game, then 50 players land the same map together inside it and you have to die and you have to survive as well, so for this you have to pay a lot of attention to this. The game has to be played and as much as this match is, if you win then you get Booya.

Friends, you get a lot of characters inside this game and you also get different ability in it, which is very good, if you play the match then you like it very much but I think if you want the whole match as much as you want. And if you want to increase the headshot rate, then you must use this config file.

What is Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File

Guys, this is a brand new config file and this is also free. Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File With auto aim-assist. Guys this config file will work on all the versions of the free fire game, and also in Free Fire max too. with the help of this config file, you can unlock the aim-assist feature and this feature will work with 50% of accuracy.

Guys Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File is also a type of hacked version created by hackers so that all the players can take this advantage in playing. We have tested this file on a redmi note 5 and working was good, so you can easily use it on your device.

I would just like to tell you that in this config file you get many benefits because there is a lot of config inside it but this is an antiban config file no one can catch you from this config file that you used any config Because this config file is anti ban and also want to tell you that if you use it comfortably, you will not have any problem.

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Features of Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File

Guys, now we will know about its features. What new things we will get in this file, and how we can use it. So here is a new feature of the Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File:

#1. Auto Headshot: In this feature, you will get an Auto Headshot feature. When you will use it while playing you will kill your enemy only with the headshot and gain a score.

#2. Teleport 100%: With this feature, you can move your city hall to anywhere in the kingdom or even to a different kingdom.

#3. High Jump: This is the new feature of this file and it will help you in your battleground for sure.

#4. High-speedrun 1x 2x 3x 4x: So your running will be also fast if you use this file at the time of playing.

#5. Aimbot: It is nothing but auto-aim. It is a type of computer game bot most commonly used in first-person shooter games to provide varying levels of automated target acquisition and calibration to the player.

#6. Aim lock: If you target your aim on your enemy then it will automatically lock and you can easily kill your enemy.

#7. Auto Kill: This is also a new feature of this file that will help you to kill your opponent.

Free Fire Auto Headshot New Config File (100% Working)

Friends, now let’s talk about how you can use this config file and how to take advantage of it, then I want to tell you that it is very easy to use, just you have to follow some steps in this, after that your work is done. Will go So, there is no BAN coding of any kind in this config file, use it to your friends and if you do it yourself, then you know.

I will tell you step by step so that you can understand easily, Just follow these steps and your file will be downloaded,

second apply process

  1. You have to download the Z-archiver file. But first, check your Android version is it Android 11 or android 10.
  2. Now you have to download the Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File, and to download this file I am attaching its link. 
  3. Just click on the given link and download your free config file.
  4. Now Open “RED NUMBER AIMBOT CONFIG FILE” and do a long click on the config file.
  5. Now after clicking you have to copy this file.
  6. Then paste it to on give the location of your device.

Location: Device/Internal Storage/Android/Data>com.dts.freefireth and now Paste over there.

  1. Now you are ready to enjoy your game, so what are you waiting for. Open your game and have fun.

Is Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File safe or not?

Friends, now a question will definitely come in your mind whether there will be any problem by using this config file, then I want to tell you that there is no problem of any kind by using it, you can use it very comfortably. You will have no problem with this.

Look, this is an anti ban config file, that means nothing happens by using it, you can use it however you want because I have seen that using this config file increases your headshot rate a lot and your ID BAN It also does not happen because I am using it for many days, so this is free fire auto headshot config file anti ban, you can use it comfortably.

Best Trick to Increase Headshot Accuracy

If you want to increase the headshot accuracy then there is only one thing that will help you and that is PRACTICE. The more you practice the more you will become a master at it. Do more practice in TDM. But if you also want to increase your accuracy then simply download this config file and your work will be done.

If you use this config file then you will become pro players but if you are given to play this game in any other phone then you will not get headshot because you will not practice then it is better that you practice a lot so that You can become pro players.


In this post, I have given you tips about how to download the Free Fire Auto Headshot Config. With complete and easy steps to use it. It’s just like a guide to use it and download in easy steps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will promise I will continuously post such blogs for you all so that you will find your solution. 

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