Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File (100% Work)

In today’s time, many people use different types of config because when you play free fire max game, you kill you as soon as you take it off and you are forced to think that how did he kill me? I will tell you that Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File 100 Working method Just read this article carefully, after that you will understand everything very well.

If you want to download this latest file so you only need to read this article till the end and then you will get the download link. Nowadays this game is famous among young players and we can see the popularity of this game on the Google play store, this game has a 50M downloading rate means 50M peoples have already downloaded this free-fire max game and it also have 4.5 start rating.

Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File

You all know that in the free fire game there are some disadvantages like lagging of the game and headshot is not enabled like that. But I will give the config file in which you can easily access all these unlocked features like free fire max auto headshot config file and kill directly headshot.

What is Free Fire Max Game?

Hello Guys, How are you? I hope you are doing well. After posting many articles on Free Fire and PUBG games and the Config files. I thought I should share something else on gaming so that my online friends can read the article and learn the new tips and tricks of games.

For your kind information, I would like to tell you that the developers of the Free Fire game have launched a free fire max auto headshot aimbot lag fix config file where you will get lots of new features.

Free Fire Max game is the updated version of the game. In this game you will get everything in updated form, the graphics of the game is also updated, and the sound of shooting/firing is also changed ultimately this is the advanced version of the game. One more thing the size of this file is large as compared to a normal file. You can also customize the map of your game with the help of this file. 

Why Important this Config File

Look free fire max is an online gaming, in this you kill headshot and onetap but for this you should have experience because if you kill like this then your bullet does not hit the head, then many players practice a lot for this. And many players play hack free fire max game but this makes your ID BAN but there are many players who use paid config file.

So that he can kill in headshot or auto headshot free fire max, but I want to tell you that inside this you have to take care of 2 things, if you play by applying this config, then your ID can also be BAN but which PAID Headshot is a config file, it is not a fast BAN because there is a config file of anti ban inside it, so take special care of all these things.

What Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config File?  

Friends, you know what is Auto headshot but I want to tell you that with an auto shot you can target your enemy for the headshot, and after targeting you can kill your enemy in a single shot with huge damage. This is a script file created by the hackers so that all the players can play this game with so much interest.

You will get so many glitches in this file and also a lag fix file so your device cannot lag. This is a powerful file and most the user buys this file. Because this file is costly and it is not possible for everyone to afford it that’s why a config file has become to fulfill the experience of the players.

Here are numbers of new features that will help you become a pro player. There are also some rare bundles and if you also want to use this file so I will provide you with a link and from that link, you can download the free-fire max file for free.

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Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File (100% Work)

Friends, now all of us are going to see how to apply Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File, so I want to tell you that it is very easy to use, you just have to paste the file in the right location. After your work is done, then it is a good thing, you can apply headshot config file in this way in free fire max. Guys, with these new updates you will get new features, a headshot option, and many more.

second apply process

This config file is 100% with no ID ban option, it means there is no risk of your ID ban.

  1. First, download the Free Fire Max Config file from the given link.


  1. You need a Z-Archive file for this game so you have to download it from the play store. For this just search the Z-Archive file on the Google play store.
  2. After downloading the Z-Archive file now you need to extract the Glitch Max file.
  3. After this copy your Max file and paste it to the given location.

 Location: Internal storage/Android/data/ ”Paste here”

  1. Now everything is done and you are ready to enjoy your game.

 Free Fire Max Config Modes:

There are different modes you will be going to see after the installation of the Free Fire Max Config file. With good mode, comes great experience and enjoyment. But before your download the file I will tell you what features you will get. So the modes are-

  • Anti Ban.
  • No lag.
  • Easy Kill.
  • Easy enemy spot.
  • Auto Headshot.
  • Rare bundles.
  • Always booya (Booya means Happiness feeling, a word which is used in the game to show the happiness.)

 Is Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Lag Fix Config File safe or not?

Friends, I know you are thinking that if something went wrong then what will we do? Is this right to download it? I know these types of questions are triggering your mind and to be honest you are right. The questions are right but as I told you I am here to help you so you do not need to worry about this because it is safe.

There is no ID ban from it because it’s not an illegal activity in the game. After all, it is fair to use. So what are you waiting for? Just download it and enjoy your game.

Advantage of this Config File

Friends, now let’s talk about what is the benefit you will get from using free fire Max headshot aimbot config file, then I want to tell you that you get a lot of benefit from using it and when you play the game, you will be able to hit the headshot. It is very easy, that is, when you kill an enemy, a direct headshot is taken.

That’s why a lot of people like to use this config and this config file is completely Paid, in this you do not need to become pro players, you become pro players by yourself and this is a very good thing because such config inside it There is a file that makes you a pro player, so use it comfortably, there is no risk in it.


In this post, I have given you tips about how to download the Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Aimbot Lag Fix Config File. With complete and easy steps to use it. It’s just like a guide to use it and download in easy steps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will promise I will continuously post such blogs for you all so that you will find your solution. 

Stay connected with me guys, I will post so much new information for you. Give us feedback in the comment section about this post, what do you like the most useful and interesting thing from this post.

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