PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File New Update (100% Work)

PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File: Friends, now let’s talk about how to hit a headshot in Pubg Mobile because you know that you will get killed a lot inside it, but I am going to give you the config file, this will not kill you quickly and many more. If you kill headshot, then PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File New Update (100% Work) will give complete information about it.

In today’s article, we will see how can someone use the headshot in a single tap while playing the PUBG Mobile game. You might be experienced during the game that if you target your aim on your enemy then sometimes of maybe every time you missed the target. It does because you do not know any tricks which can help you to focus on your target and kill them.

PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config

For this purpose, there is a file named PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File. With the help of this file, you can easily target your enemy and kill them in one single shot. In this article, you will also get to know how you can use PUBG Mobile High Damage and with the help of this, you can harm your opponent with high damage.

So to know all this you will do only one thing and that is you read this article carefully till the end. Once you complete this article you will get the idea that you can apply it to your game.

What is PUBG Mobile?

Hello Guys, How are you? I have explained to you so many tips and tricks through my articles and always tried to explain you easily so that you all can learn those tricks and use them in your game. I have already told you about the headshot file but that was for the Free Fire game and I am sure that would be helpful for you if yes then you should share your experience with me and if not then you must have to share with us so we can improve it.

To start sharing tips and tricks and other useful knowledge I would like to tell you what is PUBG Mobile? I know you all know what is PUBG Mobile, but many peoples aren’t familiar with this. So basically BGMI stands for Battle Grounds Mobile. In Battle Grounds Mobile India there are many different-different types of Config files like 90 FPS Config files etc.

Which is used to increase the in-game FPS on any device? An easy way if I tell you what is PUBG Mobile so it will be like-PUBG Mobile Config file is a piece of code that allows hacks like- wallhack, Aimbot, 90 FPS, high damage, and many more. 

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What is the Auto headshot Aimbot Config File?  

We can see the topic is auto headshot so by the name if I want to tell you about this so it would be that it is a file with which someone can target their enemy and kill them, the role of this file will be to auto-target your enemy for the headshot that’s it.

This file will completely lock your targeted enemy for the headshot which means when you set your target then because of this file you will kill them by the headshot. Most YouTubers also use this type of file for their benefit so that they can improve their game. 

PUBG Mobile is a script file designed by the hackers for the players so they also took advantage of the game. Suppose you want to use this file and you download it then from that time all the controls of your game will be unlocked and now you can kill your enemy in one single shot. Now just think you are getting all of this free so are these files safe? Is it safe to download? To know this answer read this article.

PUBG Mobile Aimbot Config File Gaming Modes:

You will get different modes in this game and trust me you will like those modes because they are new and amazing modes you will ever see. If you use this file then the chances of increasing your gaming will be high. So let’s see the modes of this file-

 1  Anti Ban: My friends, there are 0 chances of getting your ID banned. If you use this file you will get so many features with 0 risks and no ID ban. You don’t need to worry about this.

 2  No Lag: Because the PUBG Mobile Headshot file is large and if some players don’t have a phone of more than 2GB so it will cause lag. This means your device will not support the file or it will interrupt you during the match. So this file will provide you with 0 lags hence there is no risk of lagging your device.

 3  Auto Headshot: You will get control of auto headshot so that your enemy will kill you directly and you will score high.

 4  Easy Kill: You can easily kill your enemy without any error or interruption.

 5  High Damage: When you will kill the enemy then you can easily see that with the help of this file it has created high damage to your enemy.

PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File New Update (100% Work)

Guys, if you are a PUBG Mobile player and if you want to improve the game play and performance then using a PUBG MOBILE Auto Headshot Config file would be a perfect choice for you. It also offers a plethora of hacks such as Aimbot, wallhack, etc. Now let’s discuss how you can download it-

free fire config apply process

 1  First, open you will have to download the Headshot Config file to download this click on the below-mentioned link.

 2  Now you will have to download the Z-Archive file, you can download it from the Google play store or you can also download it from these links.

 3  Now extract your Zip file and copy it.

 4  After copying that file now you have to paste it. Follow this location and paste it as it is.

Location: Android/data/ “Paste Here”

 5  You are done, now you are ready to enjoy your game.

Features of PUBG Mobile Headshot Config

Friends, now let’s talk about what benefit you can get from using PUBG MOBILE auto headshot Config file, then I want to tell you that you can get a lot of benefit by using it, first of all when you kill an enemy. So your Aim does not go to the enemy and your Gun starts recoiling, then this thing ends by using this config file.

After this, your game starts running very smooth, does not lag in any way and you kill a lot of enemy, which may be facing a lot of trouble and I want to tell you that this config file will be very long. It is powerful and you must use it because it does not change your ID BAN, then you can use the headshot config file very comfortably.

Advantages of PUBG MOBILE Auto Headshot

Now let’s talk about what can be the benefits of PUBG MOBILE Auto Headshot Config File, so I want to tell you that it has many benefits if you see it because I have seen that when you apply this Aimbot Config File. So your Aim gets improved a lot and if you get Direct Headshot from your Gun, then you can understand how much your gameplay can be improved by this config file.

Friends, many people think that how many people kill headshot, then many people use Paid Headshot Config file, which benefits you a lot, I have seen many times that people have a lot of trouble with headshot But this is the best headshot config file of PUBG Mobile, so it benefits you a lot more than you can imagine.

This Config File Safe or Note?

Friends, now let’s talk about whether this config file is safe or not, otherwise I want to tell you that this config file is completely safe because PUBG Mobile auto headshot config file is anti ban i.e. your ID is not BAN by using it. You can use it in any account and this file is paid but free for you, so use it comfortably and there will be no problem.

Look, there are many files which have a lot of effect in your account, but there is no hacking in this config file, it just happens on your bullet head, due to which the enemy gets killed very quickly, friends like if you mod apk If you use then your account will be banned, but there will be no problem with this config file, then you can use it very comfortably.


In this post, I have given you tips about how to download the PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot Aimbot Config File. With complete and easy steps to use it. It’s just like a guide to use it and download in easy steps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will promise I will continuously post such blogs for you all so that you will find your solution. 

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