Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack MOD APK or Config File

Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack: Friends, if you are playing Free Fire, then you must have seen that there is always Gun skin coming inside it but they do not know all Gun Skin, so if you think so, then I will tell you that Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack MOD APK or Config File Also in this I will tell you two ways, just read this article carefully.

So today’s topic is going to be very interesting for you all because today I will tell you how you can also modify or customize your players during the game. Friends you know, most of the players do this by paying much amount, and then they can use changes as they want.

But I think many players cannot afford a big amount to buy this and to be honest you should don’t care about this because for this I am here. I am here to help you, I am here to guide you, and I am here to give you some tips and tricks so my online friends can know the tricks and use them and get another level of happiness.

Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack

If you want to know about this hack then, you have to read this article till the end, and at the end of this article, you will get an idea of Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack Config File downloading it is free. So read this article and boost your knowledge in gaming.

What is Free Fire Costume Hack?

Hello Guys, How are you? I hope you are doing well. The last time I was playing the Free Fire game and after some time, I realized that what if I can customize my players? Free Fire Costume Hack What if I can change the costumes and skins of my players? It could be a great experience if I can use some changes in my game. So with this curiosity, I got an idea to make an article about this topic.

Yes guys, I also got a hack to change it. Means now I know how I or someone else can change the costumes and gun skins of their players. Free Fire is a royal game. Day by day the demand for this game is rapidly increasing and due to this number of candidates is increasing. In short, the demand for this game is so high. Everybody is playing this game.

This is not only just a game and this is not any ordinary game, in this game from the graphics to gun skins, all are also rare and eye-catching. Due to this everyone wants to use it but it’s not possible because you have to pay some amount of money for it. To remove this barrier there is also a hack file that helps you to use all accessories of games for free.

By playing this game and using these modes you can enhance your gaming skills and beat all the players in the game. You have to earn or buy diamonds or sometimes gold to use these skins and costumes and for this, you have to pay much amount and I want you to not spend your money on the game. In the next point, I will tell you how you will get permanent skins for free. 

How To Get Permanent Gun Skin in Free Fire Game?  

Friends, for your kind information I want to share some details with you, the free fire game updates the costumes, gun skins, etc of the game every month. You know on the internet many websites will give you the application of this hacked file but I don’t think those all can be useful or helpful for you at the same time.

So I will personally suggest the third-party app. Hey, you don’t need to worry about the third party which I want to tell you because it is trusted worth. I will personally recommend you to use the Lulubox application.

Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config. It is the best application till now which will help you to get permanent new skins and costumes in 0 investment means in free. With the help of the Lulubox application, you can remove any guns easily.

 What is the LULUBOX Application

The LULUBOX is just an application and you can easily download it from Google. The most important feature of this app is that it allows you to unlock all the features in just one click. All the things like- guns, skins, etc can be unlocked by this feature.

Once you download the file then you need to put it inside the free fire game and then you can easily unlock whatever you want to unlock. The Lulubox is a third-party app that provides skins and all to the players for free. It’s just an APK file, it is also used to hack those all in the game.

Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack MOD APK New Update

Guys, in this topic you will get to know the Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack MOD APK downloading details of the file. You have to follow these steps carefully so you can get the permanent gun skins and costumes. So follow these steps by carefully reading-

  • First, you have to on the official website of the Lulubox application.
  • After then you have to search Free Fire Mod APK there.
  • By doing this you will get to see the application.
  • Now download that application from there.
  • Once you download the app and after the installation process, now you need to select all the things which you want to remove permanently from the Free Fire game.
  • Now once your selection has been done, you can log in to the game with your Email ID. 
  • By doing this you can use the permanent skins for free.
  • Now you are all set to have the experience of the latest hacked version of the game.
  • Free Fire Headshot Aimbot Config

Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack Config File

Friends, now all of us try to know that Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack Config File latest update Just read this article carefully, after that you will understand everything very well because I want to tell you with many details. I am going to try and I want to tell you that all these config files are safe, you do not have to worry, just follow the steps.

You know, this hack script can be useful for you. Nowadays this file is very famous among the players of the free fire game. This is just a script file with a small size. You can add a new feature, some hacked tool with the help of this script file.

free fire config apply process

 1  Download Permanent Gun Skin Config File

Friends, first of all you will get a link below, then you have to click on it, after that you have to download Permanent Gun Skin Config File and to download you just have to click on the download button and ZIP File Permanent Gun Skin Config File will be downloaded.

 2  Download the Z-Archiver App

Now you do not need to worry, just keep in mind that your Permanent Gun Skin Hack Config File is downloaded, after that you have to download Z-Archiver from playstore and then install it.

 3  Extract Your Permanent Gun Skin Config File

Now you have to extract the Permanent Gun Skin ZIP Config File and keep in mind that at the time of extraction, you will also ask for the password, then you have to take the password from below, after that enter the password and extract the ZIP file.

second apply process

 4  Paste Your Config File

So as soon as you do Extract File, you will get a file in front of you, first you have to copy that file, after that you have to paste it in the location below, keep in mind that while pasting the file, you have to keep the file in mind. Is it getting pasted in the right location or not?

Location: Android / data / com.freefire.dts // *Paste Here

 5  Permanent Gun Skin Successfully Apply

So as soon as you apply Permanent Gun Skin Config File in the right location, after that your Config File gets applied well, then you get your file approved in this way, after that you have to open your game, after that you You will see that you have got all the GUN SKIN Permanent.

Types of Hack Script File

 1  Free Fire wallhack script: This script file allows the players to see the enemy through the walls and any other obstacles on the map. With this, you can shoot your enemy through the walls.

 2  ESP Hack File: With the help of this file you can locate your enemy on a map. It can be a very useful file for you to find or locate your enemy in the free fire game. One of the main advantages of this file is that it allows you to add scripts so that you can locate the location of vehicles on the map.

 3  Auto headshot hack: With the help of this hacked file you can easily shoot or kill your opponent or enemy with the perfect headshot. It is also known as the aimbot hack file.

 4  Unlimited health hack: Health is wealth in every condition. In the real world or virtual world if your health is good then you can win the war or match but if not then no one can save you. Sorry, only one can save you in this virtual world of the game and that is a health hacked file. With the help of this file, you will never die or nobody can kill you. So it would be a good advantage for you to win the game.

 5  Unlimited Ammo: This file helps you to loot the bullets and with this also to shoot your enemy without reloading.

 6  High jump and fly back: This file helps you to jump high as well as to fly back. With this advantage, you can beat your enemy simply and easily and finish the game with a high score.

 7  Diamond Hack script file: You all know that diamond is a very essential demand of the game so that you can buy anything which you want. This file helps you to get the diamonds in the free fire game free.


In this post, I have given you tips about how to download the Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack MOD APK Download. With complete and easy steps to use it. It’s just like a guide to use it and download in easy steps. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will promise I will continuously post such blogs for you all so that you will find your solution.

Stay connected with me guys, I will post so much new information for you. Give us feedback in the comment section about this post, what do you like the most useful and interesting thing from this post.

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